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"Therefore if the Son sets you FREE,  you shall be FREE indeed."

Retreat!   Renew!!   Recover!!! 

Unprecedented !

Tax deductible tuition of only $60 per week, renewable until completion. Some finish in about 3 months, while others need more time. You will recover at your own pace, without stress.  Your tuition is tax deductible as we are a registered

501(c)3 non-profit corporation. 

Our pay as you go plan

is interest free!

Indulge yourself in the love and warmth of VRM'COMPASSIONATE Recovery Experience!  When fully embraced, it will fuel your freedom for a lifetime!

WELCOME TO Victory Retreat Montana - Faith based individualized Recovery Online and (soon) On Location as well!

 SPECIAL OFFERA 100% FREE, no obligation,  30 minute addiction coaching session is waiting for you when you contact us today!

All you have to do is mention "Promo #7" in your email to us.  The call is NOT a sales call - it's all about you and your recovery!

Hurry!  This offer is time sensitive!  You're just one free session away from changing the way you think about addiction recovery.  :-)

The road to recovery is best taken with someone who truly loves and cares about you (we do) and who loves and honors God (we do).

We  work with English speaking people from anywhere in the US and Canada!


  • Specialized Christian Life Coaching
  • Teen Challenge PSNC Program taught by certified Teen Challenge PSNC teachers
  • Discipleship
  • Balanced & Sound Bible Study
  • Biblical Counsel
  • Paying it Forward
  • Worship

MISSION​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​
Our Mission​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ is taking addiction recovery through to it's completion! 
We engage methodology that breathes hope, healing and encouragement into hurting people. 
Broken lives can heal for a lifetime - all by the love, power and salvation
through Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, who took upon Himself the sins of the world....... yes, addiction too!

We want you to know and understand God's Power in your life and how Jesus can and does make a difference in overcoming your addiction, without the stigma of thinking you have some incurable disease. When fully embraced, addiction can be a thing of the past.  As you're aware, too many are enslaved, tortured and disabled from addiction and all too many needlessly die prematurely; we don't want that to happen to you!  Regarding  prescription drugs here in the US (Opiates and Benzodiazepines), they are responsible for killing 1 American every 19 minutes.  This sobering statistic is growing.  This needs to stop.  No matter what your addiction is, we believe that we offer you something refreshingly new, different and filled with hope.  We are the compassionate recovery alternative!

We are NOT disease theorists.   There is not one shread of proof that addition is a disease.  The fact remains that when you are told that you have an incurable disease, your mind becomes programmed to ongoing disability and 'relapse'.  Your mind affects your body and so you believe that you can't heal and nothing changes.  On the other hand, when your mind is offered hope and healing, you will  heal and move forward with a productive and satisfying life.  With the Lord in this equation, it's a win/win! 

If we are correct in our research and practical work, we believe it is worth giving us a chance to restore your life and make it  new.  It is our hope that you feel this way too. Your life matters. God created you to be exactly who you are and we want you to experience that life.  Addiction takes you and your loved ones hostage.  Jesus wants to set you free.  Isn't it time to invite the Great Physician, the God of all creation, into your recovery?

Will you take a moment and give us a call or send us an email?  Your addiction won't and can't go away on it's own and recovery can be a vulnerable time.  I think you know that.  You may have even tried to do it on your own and found out that you couldn't.  Perhaps you one of the many who have entered and re-entered the revolving door rehab madness.  Your life just isn't life anymore and you are praying that someone would just make it go away for you.  We can help coach you through a victorious recovery.   Give yourself a few moments to speak  with one of us.  There is a free  30 minute consult waiting for you on the other end of your phone.  Please give us a ring.  Perhaps, this will be a life changing day.  

Our extraordinary love for the Lord + our passion for our work + our compassion and heartfelt empathy for our clients,  are three of the vital ingredients that  make VRM a success for those in recovery!




We are not a rehab; however, our program is rehabilitative in it's nature and serves as a non-clinical spiritual alternative to conventional rehabilitation.  We are nationally certified life coaches with various related professional backgrounds, who have developed a compassionate recovery program that is individualized to meet the specific needs of each person who attends. We are also certified Teen Challenge PSNC Teachers and are honored to be able to integrate their world renown successful program here at VRM.   We feel that our recovery support  program, when followed as taught, can keep our clients free of addiction for life, thus avoiding the frustrating and endless revolving door rehab problem that exists today.  

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Donations to our ministry, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, 

are 100% tax deductable.  We are a registered 501(c)3

with the US Federal Government.

Your donations help pay for tuition to our program

for those who otherwise could not afford it.

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